About Little Sharks

As our children grow older and people move to or from the neighbourhood we have a lot of changes in the people who come to Little Sharks. We thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a brief update about how the group is run and how we can make sure to keep it going.

Little Sharks is a group for carers and their children (ages about 0-4+ years) which is run by and for the people who attend it. It costs £1.50 per family group per session and everyone is welcome.

There is no outside committee or organiser, so it is up to the parents and carers who attend to organise and work together to keep it running. There is a committee that meets to coordinate activities and generally organise the group.

The committee meets to discuss such things as:

  • who should take responsibility for the various aspects of running the group
  • how to spend the money we've raised from the attendance charge
  • how and when to have special Little Sharks sessions such as the Christmas party
  • how to get as many people as possible involved in ensuring that Little Sharks is always a welcoming and well-run group.

We invite you to bring any other concerns or suggestions to the committee's attention. We also welcome new committee members so please please us know if you would like to join. You'll find the names and contact information for committee members on the Little Sharks notice board.

Copies of our group guidelines on Safety and how to set-up/tidy-up are available on this site. Please read and follow these to help ensure child safety during Little Sharks sessions. Where the rules are common sense, we apologise for stating the obvious!

Finally, Little Sharks is reliant on the help of all parents and carers to run and maintain the group, and so we ask that everyone participates when they can—by welcoming people, making tea, helping children, clearing-up, washing dishes, etc. While the group runs from 9.30 to 11.30am, the last half hour is for tidying up and singing time.

There's no need to wait for someone to ask you to help out - if you see something that needs to be washed up or put away, or a child who needs a helping hand, or another parent or carer who looks lost, please step in and offer assistance.

Thank you everyone and we look forward to another fun year of activities for our children and ourselves at Little Sharks.

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