Better safe than sorry

Dear grownups,

We would be grateful if you could follow our “golden rules” for child safety during the Little Sharks sessions. Where the rules are common sense, we apologise for stating the obvious.

Thank you!

  1. Do not park buggies, prams, or pushchairs in front of the doors at the front of the hall, or the fire exit at the rear. Please park buggies in the small room adjacent to the kitchen unless you have a sleeping baby.
  2. The store cupboard, buggy room, and kitchen are out of bounds to children unless accompanied by an adult who therefore takes responsibility for the safety of the child(ren).
  3. The toilets are out of bounds to unaccompanied children as access to the front door and road is possible. The toilets can also be accessed by other users of the hall.
  4. Remember to close the hall door behind you to ensure children do not have access to the front door and road. Please don’t open the fire exits.
  5. Remember to keep hot drinks out of the reach of all children, even if you child is unlikely to reach for them.
  6. If you see the large play apparatus or mats have moved or slipped, please move them back to an appropriate place to cushion falls.
  7. Please help keep children out of the store cupboard while the toys are being tidied up. There isn’t enough room for the grown-ups, big boxes of toys, and toddlers.


  • There is a first aid box in the Admin box in the kitchen. Yes, we have plasters!
  • There is a potty and a seat reducer in the cupboard. Please clean and put away after use.
  • It is the responsibility of all Little Sharks attendees to help the tidy the hall after sessions.
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