Setting Up

  1. Open up in time for 9:30 am. Switch on lights and hot water.

  2. Begin to take out the toys and equipment and lay out the room. (see diagram)

  3. Welcome new arrivals and encourage everyone to help set up. (Don’t forget to put out the sign-in book and money box.)

  4. Keep an eye on new arrivals and ask them to park their buggies in the side room unless they have a sleeping infant.

  5. Set up kitchen.


Clearing Up

  1. Collect and wash up drinks cups and mugs and other kitchen equipment.

  2. At 11 am, ask everyone to begin packing the toys away. Remind parents to keep an eye on their children and ask them to help keep them safely away from the cupboard.

  3. After singing, tidy up the instruments.

  4. Check for mess in the hall. Sweep or mop as necessary.

  5. Return kitchen equipment, and admin box to the cupboard.

  6. Close the fire shutter to the kitchen and turn off the hot water.

  7. Lock up!

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